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2023. Solo Exhibition. VJB Arts. 60 Threadneedle Street. London. UK. (May - September)
2023. Affordable Art Fair. Noonpowell Fine Art. London. UK 
2023. Their Gallery. London. UK. (TBC)



2022. Affordable Art Fair. Hampstead. London. 508 Gallery (May)

2020. Affordable Art Fair. Battersea. London. 508 Gallery (March)

2019. Affordable Art Fair. Hampstead. London. 508 Gallery (May)



2022. Cubism Reimagined. 508 Gallery. London. (April - May)

2019. Synesthesia. 508 Gallery. London. (November)

2019. Millfield Polo Invitational. Kingweston House. Somerset. (June)

2019. Street Figures. 508 Gallery. London. (April)
2018. Fresh From the Studio. 508 Gallery. London. (October)
2018. Picasso’s Influence on Contemporary Art. 508 Gallery. London. (July)

2018. Free Range. Old Truman Brewery. London. (June)

2018. Project Space 5. Arts University Bournemouth. (February)
2017. Structural Genomics Consortium. Radcliffe Science library. Oxford. (March)

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